That’s all, folks

Hi everyone!

Thanks for stopping by. Along with the semester, my coverage of the South Jersey bakery beat is over.

From the beginning of this project, I tried to consider all the different facets of it: including the appearance of the site along with its content. I made the banner in Canva to go along with the color scheme I chose. I also tried to create internal links wherever it made sense: I linked to my Carlo’s Bakeshop post in the post about Sweet T’s because the owner of Sweet T’s used to work with the owner of Carlo’s Bakeshop.

Working a journalistic beat successfully requires a lot more planning than I could have imagined, along with good time management skills. It took me longer than anticipated to edit audio and video for the projects that required it. While I wasn’t completely dissatisfied with the way they turned out, I don’t think they were the strongest posts I did this semester.

These are the five best posts from the semester:

  1. Profile of My Lavender Blues
    I think this was definitely my strongest post this semester. I’ve written similar features in the past, so maybe that’s why, but I definitely felt that this was the strongest example of my writing.
  2. Dessert for breakfast at the Vincentown Diner
    I thought that this piece was also a strong contender for good writing, and I also thought that going to a diner was a good way to cover baked goods in a way that’s unique to New Jersey.
  3. Sweet T’s Bakeshop
    Part of the success of this post is due to how photogenic the inside of Sweet T’s Bakeshop is. If I had to pick just one, this was probably also the best bakery I went to all semester (I actually ended up trying more of their cake pops and a slice of their strawberry shortcake a few weeks after, and it was better than I remembered it being).
  4. Presentation: the 6 prettiest deserts in New Jersey
    I had fun doing the aggregation post. I tried to add visual consistency and a pop of color to the site with a dotted pink border around the images in this post with a <style> tag, but WordPress wasn’t having it (probably because this is the free version). Nonetheless, I got to take a look at some possible candidates for later in the semester.
  5. Carlo’s Bakeshop
    I thought it worked out nicely that, the week after I visited the Cake Boss’s bakery, I visited Sweet T’s, whose owner appeared on the first and second seasons of the show.

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