Video: Confections of a Rockstar

Through the course of this project, I’ve tried to touch on the most iconic parts of living in New Jersey: I visited a diner already, and this week it was time to fully commit and head down the shore. Asbury Park is a great beach to check out in the summer- in season, everybody 21 and over should definitely check out the Beach Bar, where you can sit above the beach and watch the waves roll over the sand. It’s a nice visual, but less feasible during this time of year- it snowed the day of this particular trip.

A short walk from the Stone Pony, I originally thought the name and theme of Confections of a Rockstar might be a tribute to Bruce Springsteen, who sometimes surprises Asbury Park residents with pop-up concerts and wrote the song Jungleland about life in New Jersey. It’s actually a tribute to the owner, Kimee a former rockstar herself. I did confirm, though, that one of the many signatures on the walls at Confections of a Rockstar is actually his: At one point, famous people signed on one side of the establishment and everyone else on the other, but after awhile, everyone began singing everywhere.

Check out the video to see the inside, including the signed walls and rockstar memorabilia, along with a joint effort review on some of their best pastries. Because it didn’t make it to the final cut of this video, I will note that my favorite- the bar shown in the video- is called the Jam Session, in case anyone who watches this has a chance to head there themselves.

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