Presentation: the 6 prettiest deserts in New Jersey

As any fan of Cupcake Wars will tell you, taste is only half of what makes or breaks the cupcake (or any desert) experience. The other half is presentation, or how the dish looks. “Cupcake Wars” takes presentation to the extreme: in the show’s final round, participants are tasked with baking 1,000 cupcakes for elaborate displays built by actual carpenters. Each episode centers on an event theme, where the winner, in addition to getting $10,000, will present their display.


Elaborate presentation isn’t exclusive to national competitions- in fact, in the case of “Cupcake Wars,” most participants come from bakeries around the country. While they might not be massive displays with a thousand cupcakes, some of the bakeries right here in New Jersey also present their various desserts beautifully.


This 50th birthday themed cupcake display from Indulgence Cupcakery in Haddonfield, Camden County looks like it could have been on “Cupcake Wars” – owner Theresa Hrivnak made it to the final round of the WildAid Save the Tigers episode.

There are a lot of ways to present cupcakes that don’t require a carpenter, like this plate of unicorn cupcakes from Liscio’s Bakery in Glassboro, Gloucester County. In this kind of pull apart design, the baker arranges cupcakes into a shape (so it resembles a shaped cake) and then frosts over the top and decorates like they would a regular cake.


If you’re looking specifically for a fall-themed treat, you don’t have far to look. The turkey cake is from Gallo’s Bakery in Marlton, Burlington County.

Gallo’s Bakery also created this towering Pokémon birthday cake:


Jennifer Wilson/Gallo’s Bakery

Some cakes break the traditional circular mold, like this turtle-shaped cake from Liscio’s Bakery:

Other Sweet Treats

L&M Bakery in Delran, Burlington County arranged this display to show off all of the decorating options offered for last year’s Superbowl. With options for Superbowl decorations in addition to Eagles-specific, any fan can enjoy the spread of cake, doughnuts and cookies.

There are so many contenders for the best-looking desserts from all of the bakeries around New Jersey that I couldn’t limit this post to just the top five. As the semester progresses, I hope covering the New Jersey bakeries beat will lead me to even more.


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