Sweet T’s Bakeshop

Sweet T’s Bakeshop is part bakery, part art gallery in a cozy coffee shop-style ambiance serving custom cakes, baked goods, and La Colombe coffee. Toni Marie Walton, who owns the Haddonfield, Camden County establishment with her sister Chrissy Walton, has worked with “Cake Boss” Buddy Valastro and in a Los Angeles bakery.

Some of her cakes are almost too pretty to eat:

Part of the counter at Sweet T's, with two full-size cakes and a few smaller displays
The white stone-decorated cake on the right looks just as smooth as marble in person, too.

This one from their Instagram was probably my favorite, though:

Everything in the display cases looked too good to pass up: I couldn’t resist getting a little bit of everything.

Cupcakes from Sweet T's Bakeshop
Clockwise from top left: chocolate peanut butter obsession, dulce de leche (cake bomb), cookie dough, champagne white chocolate salted caramel, intense chocolate, and their signature blueberry velvet flavor.
Sweet T's Bakeshop Salted Caramel Bar
The best-selling salted caramel bar from the “VIP section” at the counter.

You can’t go wrong with anything you get at Sweet T’s Bakeshop, but I asked a friendly staff member behind the counter who was not comfortable being named in this blog post about what sells the best, what their signature desserts are, and what you have to try to get the full Sweet T’s experience.

The Essentials

When you go to Sweet T’s Bakeshop, don’t leave without:

    • One of their cake bombs (cake and frosting mixed together and then dipped in chocolate). I got the dulce de leche cake bomb, which is one of their best sellers. It’s also the only cake bomb that isn’t dipped in chocolate because it doesn’t need to be.
    • Something from the “VIP Section” of their counter. I got the salted caramel bar, another best seller, that has a cookie-type bottom to support a thick layer of fudgy salted caramel that for me brought back childhood memories of going down the shore (does anyone else associate fudge with the shore, or is that just me?).
    • A blueberry velvet cupcake, a new twist on an old favorite that smells strongly of the fresh blueberries baked inside, filled with whipped cream and topped with a sweet cream cheese frosting and another fresh blueberry.

Other Sweet Treats

I also got:

  • The Intense Chocolate cupcake, a chocolate cupcake dipped in chocolate ganache and filled and topped with chocolate mousse.
  • The cookie dough cupcake, which was a light fluffy cake with thick frosting that was filled with cookie dough (somehow, even though the cupcake was baked, the dough remained dough and not a small cookie in the middle. Magic?).
  • The chocolate peanut butter obsession, which has a sweet, peanut butter filling in addition to the peanut butter cups and drizzle on top.

If you don’t have the company (or appetite) to tackle one of their custom-sculpted cakes, I’d highly recommend for everyone in the area to take a look at all of their cupcake flavors, including the ones mainly available for special order by the half dozen.


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